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Colored hair has always been a fashion statement. In the good old days harsh soaps and bleaches were used to lighten or redden the hair. But the use of bleaches caused more harm than good to the hair. Today, Hair colors have special polymers and conditioners incorporated in them. These polymers and conditioners penetrate in the hair shaft and enter the cortex, mending any damage in the normal hair structure. The ultimate effect of colors is that the hair becomes shinier, smoother and healthier.

Before deciding on the color, a talk with the stylist is essential...One has to keep in mind, the shape of the face. Not all colours suit particular faces. Let your stylist know if your hair was previously coloured or hennaed, if you had straightened or permed your hair.

Also one must have hair checked out for porosity or elasticity, both of which play a major role in how healthy your hair will look after the color.

Gentle hair color...
I use Joico and Redken professional hair care products.

Highlighting - a vogue...
Anyone with brown, black, blonde, permed or straight hair can highlight their hair. If your hair colour is med to light brown, add glints of buttery gold throughout your hair or on just a few strands. If your hair is black, try some warm chocolate highlights or soft chestnut highlights. Decide exactly where you want highlights to accentuate your hairstyle - the top of the head, a few tendrils on the sides, all over the head or just the bangs.

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