Hair Services - Hair Coloring

Colored hair requires special care. Follow these tips to keep your hair looking great:
Use a shampoo created especially for colour-treated hair like Alterna Caviar or Joico K-Pak
Condition regularly
Don't brush hair when wet - use a wide-toothed comb Blot your hair dry -- don't wrap it or roughly dry it with a towel Avoid over drying -- blow dry until hair is almost, but not entirely dry.

Hair management
To avoid massive tangles, wash longer natural hair in the shower. Massage in shampoo from front to back and let the water flow through your hair the same way. Also avoid bunching up the hair as you wash because this can also lead to tangles.

Avoid using rubber bands because they can pull the hair very tightly. Rubber bands can also cause friction with the hair, resulting in hair pulling and possibly permanent hair loss.

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